State Archives Storage File


  • A4 docs

  • Fullscap Applications as mainly used by government departments

  • Size: 368mm x 267mm x 95mm


Folding Instructions:

Step 1.

Place the Sheet in front of you with the layout as indicated on the left side illustration.

Step 2.

Fold over the one side to align as illustrated. Bend in the flaps. The holes on the side are for the rounded flaps to fit in neatly. Secure the folded sides.

Step 3.

Lift up the lid flaps, bend in the side flaps.

Step 4.

Bend in the top flap as indicated on the illustration


Step 5.

The top flap folds over

Step 6.

Press the extended flaps into the holes.

Step 7.

Press to secure

Step 8.

Close the Lid as indicated on the illustration.

Box file is done - ready to be used.

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