Small A4 Open Top Storage File

  • Neat Filing of A4 and smaller documents

  • Active Office environment filing

  • 311 x 31 x 215m

Folding Instructions:

This file can be used in filing cabinets, can fit into the A4 open top storage file, and into the A3 Magic Storage Box.


Step 1.


Place the file in front of you.

Step 2.

Place the box to stand in an upside down position.

Step 3.

To fold the bottom start by folding in the small side flaps.

Step 4.

Fold in flap indicated on illustration

Step 5.

Fold over other flap to align rounded flaps in secure position.

Step 6.

Push into the grooves.

Step 7.

Hold in place.

Step 8.

Bend in the small flaps as indicated in the illustration.

Step 9.

Carefully lock the small flaps into the grooves to lock the other flaps together. Align the flap to the opening of the file

Step 10.

Secure the flaps in the grooves.

Step 11.

Your file is folded and ready to be used.

Step 12.

Place documents in small open top file.

Place the small open top file along with 2 other small open top files in the large open top file for neat filing.

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