Printer Paper box


  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • A4 Documents in an upright position

  • Indexing

  • General Storage

  • The Lid folds exactly the same as the box, it is just a little bit bigger in size.

Folding Instructions:

Step 1.

Step 1

Place the Sheet in front of you with the layout as indicated on the left side illustration.

Step 2.

Step 2

Open the box by lifting one layer of the box.

Step 3.

Step 3

Push in the solid flap at the top so that it is in line with the side of the box.

Step 4



Hold the firts flap in place while folding the flaps with the handle holes inwards as illustrated.

Step 5.

Fold both sides down. (keep the first flap still in place)

Step 6.

Lift them to align with the bottom side of the box as illustrated.

Step 7.

Turn the box upwards.

Step 8.

Pull the two sides that were folded in with step 6 to the sides of the box where the handles holes can align.


Step 9.

Fold down the first flap. This flap will ensure the floor of the box's strenght.

Step 10.

A3 Storage Box


Use the carry holes to carry the box.

When the lid is on the carry holes are shut, the box is very strong and can be used for long term storage.


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