Jumbo Fulscap File


  • Bulk Fullscap and A4 storage box mainly used in archival documentation systems

Size: 370 x 202 x 255mm

Folding Instructions:

Step 1.

Place the Sheet in front of you with the layout as indicated on the left side illustration.

Step 2.

Pick up the box to form a square.

Step 3.

Fold in the top side flaps - from the lid side of the box.

Step 4.

Bend the Lid along the creases and fold in.

Step 5.

Close the Lid in place

Step 6.

When you hold the box in its upside-down position, fold in the flap with the two squares, along the crease.

Step 7.

Bend in the side flaps and fold the last flap inwards.

Step 8.

Push the last flap's point underneath the opposite flap to secure the box bottom.Securely fit to close the bottom


Turn upside and you are done, ready to be filed/stored.

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