A4 Stacking files

  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • Financial documents

  • Most common application in the marketplace

  • Plastic Pockets

  • Alphabetical, date and number seperator pages

Folding Instructions:

Step 1.

Place the Sheet in front of you with the layout as indicated on the left side illustration.

Step 2.

Fold the flaps as indicated on the illustration

Step 3.

Bend up the front side of the file, aligning the back flaps.

Step 4.

Fold in the sides of the file.

Step 5.

Close the file and use the holes to secure the fit.

Step 6.

Turn the file upwards.

Step 7.

Fold in the side flaps. They fit over the side.

Step 8.

The flaps have pieces that locks into the holes

Step 9.

Bend along the creases of the lid and close.

Box file is done - ready to be used.


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