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Product Code: BB15

Heavy Duty Magic Storage Box

Size: 470 x 350 x 250mm

  • Boxes can be stacked on top of each other

  • From A3 and smaller documents

  • Stores 5x A4 Files, or 3x B3 files or 5 lever arch files

  • Active \ Archival Filing

  • Very strong document storage box for carrying heavy objects, or long term storage

Heavy Duty Magic Storage  Box
A3 Magic Storage Box

A3 Magic Storage Box

Size: 437 x 322 x 252mm

  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • From A3 and smaller documents

  • Stores 3x B3 files or 5x A4 Files



Product Code: White Box BW01

Product Code: Brown Box BB02


Size: 437 x 338 x 55mm


Product Code: White Lid LW01

Product Code: Brown Lid LB02


Product Code: BW10

CD Box - Takes 10 Standard CD's

Size: 165 x 113 x 150mm

  • Archival storage of CD Back-ups. Stores approximately 10 Standard CD's safely.
CD Storage Box
CD Mailing Box

Single or double CD Mailing Box

Size: 160 x 30 x 177mm

  • Archival storage of CD Back-ups. Ideal packaging for mailing CD's safely.


Product Code: BW12


Product Code: BW11

CD Mailing Box Container

Size: 343 x 165 x 198mm

CD Mailbox Container
Courier Boxes

Courier Box - Thin

Size: 360x245x50mm

Courier Box - Thick

Size: 360x245x30mm


Courier Box - Thin
Product Code: BW06

Courier Box - Thick
Product Code: BW07


Product Code: BW05

Index Box

Size: 280 x 255 x 268mm

  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • A4 Documents in an upright position

  • Indexing

  • General Storage

Index Box
Gift Box

Gift Box

Size: 40 x 72 x 194mm

  • Corporate gifts, pens, perfume etc.

  • Lodge room gift boxes for toiletries, chocolate etc.



Product Code: BW13


Product Code: BW09

Newspaper Box & Lid

Size: 435 x 320 x 95mm

  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • Post, Archiving, Gifts, magazines and newspaper storage

Newspaper Box
Component Storage Bin

Component Storage Bin

Size: 110 x 115 x 300mm

  • Storage of office equipment, cables, discs, loose component


Product Code: BW08


Product Code: BB03

Bulk A4 & Fulscap Side Opening Storage Box/Bin

360 x 272 x 350mm

  • Financial documents

  • Most common application in the marketplace

  • Plastic Pockets

  • Alphabetical, date and number separator pages

Side Opening Storage Bin
Continuous Printer Paper Box

Continuous A4 Printing paper box (lid optional)

Size: 338 x 270 x 210mm

  • On-site or off-site archiving

  • From A4 and smaller documents

  • Optional: Lid folds over whole box - very strong


Product Code: Box BW04

Product Code: Lid LW03

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